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  1. Mighty Muzzle

    • Inhibits biting, chewing & barking
    • Strong material provides maximum security
    • Allows panting, drinking and treat training
    • Collar attachment to help prevent removal by dog
    • Can be moulded to best fit a dog’s muzzle by warming in hot water then cooling in cold


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  2. Cat Muzzle

    • Ideal for use during grooming and vet visits
    • Helps to calm and relax cats
    • Adjustable strap with “quick-fit” snap lock
    • Made from soft strong nylon

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  3. Pup-Pee Pads

    • Scented to help your puppy find them
    • Leak resistant to protect carpets and floors
    • Extra absorbent and non-slip
    • Available in 7/14/30/50/100 pack sizes


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  4. Walk-Ease Headcollar

    • Kind control to stop and prevent your dog from pulling
    • The Easy-Steer System allows enhanced control of the direction you want to go in
    • Safe and secure fit that attaches to your dog’s own collar
    • Comfortable fit with padded nose band and fully adjustable head strap
    • Training guide written by pet behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith

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  5. Whistle

    • Get your dog’s attention!

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  6. Training Discs

    • Teaches obedience and commands
    • Helps deter unwanted behaviour
    • Quick, simple, effective and kind

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  7. Target Stick

    • Train your dog to focus his attention and listen to you
    • Ideal for advanced training

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  8. Recall Training Lead

    • Helps you to teach your dog to “come back”
    • Allows you to let your dog run whilst maintaining control
    • Let’s you interrupt your dog’s behaviour without giving him attention

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  9. Dog Muzzle

    • Allows panting, drinking and treat training
    • Quick and easy to fit
    • An essential item for dogs that chase or may bite

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  10. Multi Lead

    • For hands free dog walking
    • Suitable for walking two dogs on one lead
    • Offers extra control for dogs who are prone to chasing or biting

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